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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - Kumud's marriage with Saras breaks off, now married to Pramad

Saraswatichandra is a slow serial, and it's TRP ratings are now taking a break. At a time when there are multiple serials on nowadays which move fast and don't stick on the same story for weeks and weeks, the serial is one of the slowest moving serials on TV today and hence even if you miss it for a week, you don't feel like you really miss much. In the past few weeks however, finally the story has taken a twist. For so many weeks, the serial showed the slow transformation of Saras from somebody who was insular and non-smiling to somebody, who through the influence of Kumud, finally got to know the better parts of life, about love and life, and finally brought back a smile to his life. But after their wedding was decided and he had to rush back to Dubai, you knew that there was something wrong. And when the serial took such a full episode to show the separation between Saras and Kumud, including their leaving some parting gifts for each other, you knew that there were things going to go wrong, and it happened.
Cut to the current situation where the marriage proposal between Kumud and Saras is broken, and this is the second time that this happened. When this happens, Kumud informs her family about what has happened, and they consider that the relation has now broken. Already, there is another proposal from a politician called Buddhidhan for his son Pramad, and finally Vidyachatur decided to get his daughter married off to Pramad. Kumud also agreed to this. Saras was in a shattered frame of mind after he had a disagreement with his father, since there was going to be a business meeting that happened but which got moved by a day because of Guman. As a result, Saras was badly shocked, and it was in this frame of mind that he refused the relationship. But he was persuaded by Sunny that he had done wrong to Kumud and Saras finally rushes back but finds that the marriage is about to happen. He is discovered by Umesh, and since Umesh was so angry at him for breaking up his marriage to Kumari, he beats up Saras very badly.
Kumud finally did get married to Pramad, but this relationship was off to a bad start. Kumud was determined to make a good wife and daughter-in-law, but Pramad is drunk with her on the first day of marriage itself and tells her that this marriage was forced on him by his father, he was not interested in marriage. And he tells Kumud that she should not consider that this marriage meant anything to him, this is a marriage in name only. On the other hand, Saras was discovered by Pramad's sister in an injured state and she takes him home to help him recover, and so it again turns out that Kumud and Saras are now in the same house, although both of them do not know this. What will happen next ?

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