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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Finally Munna arrested, Megha identifies him as Addu

There is a recent news report that the serial is losing some of its TRP's, and that is partly because the interaction between the lead pair of Mohan and Megha, which was the high point of the serial were getting diluted due to the other stories that were happening in the serial, including that of Navika and Beera, and that of Munna / Addu. So there will be lesser focus on these characters, and more focus again on Mohan and Megha (but that seems a bit off, how often can you only keep on focusing on the lead pair, you need to have stories of the other characters, especially the lead pair, to ensure that there is enough turnover in the storyline, else you will get a serial as slow as Saraswatichandra, which has one story that would continue for 6 months or more).
Munna (who is actually Addu) has promised to take revenge on Mohan for his belief that he was a bad step-father, and it was because of him that Addu had to run away from home, and got kidnapped and fell into this entire racket of crime and kidnapping. So he has been trying for quite some time to do ill on Mohan, and finally managed to get Mohan to jail. However, when the doctor of the mental institution was coming to give evidence in favor of Mohan, Munna tried to shoot him. At this, Beera started fighting him to prevent Munna from stopping the doctor, and finally the doctor's evidence was enough to get Mohan bail and out of jail.
In Daddaji's house, they finally tell Beera that Daddaji is actually a hard core criminal, the one who runs the racket of kidnapping kids, and that Munna is one of his chief workers. Beera is shocked, since he does not know about this, and tells Daddaji that he will reveal this truth to everybody and ensure that the name of Daddaji as the face of this racket comes out in front of everyone, and that he is leaving the house right now. Ragini does not come with him because of her association with Munna, although Beera does tell her that she is making the wrong choice.
Due to the efforts of Beera, the police come and arrest Daddaji, and are set of arrest Munna. But he has run away, and to the surprise of everyone, Mohan tries to prevent the arrest of Munna, but police follow soon after and try to arrest Munna. Munna runs off in a police jeep, but then Megha stands in his way and he has to stop to prevent hitting her. So finally Megha and Munna are in front of each other, and when police say that somebody has to do the identification of Munna, Megha speaks up and says that he is a kidnapper, and is also Aditya Bhatnagar, her long lost son, but whom she no longer recognizes for what he has become.

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