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Friday, April 2, 2010

Gabbar’s Birthday surprise - Master Remo D’souza gets a shock of his life on the eve of his birthday…!!

Come 5th April and the much celebrated bollywood choreographer and Master of Lux Dance India Dance Remo D’souza will turn a year older. And the Lux Dance India Dance crew had all the tricks up their sleeves to drop a bombshell on him!! Firstly, it was Grandmaster Mithun da’s unusual gift which had him totally awestruck! Remo unwrapped the package and to his delight found his old radio set which his parents had given him when he was striving hard to become a budding dancer. His craze for dance was so overpowering that every evening he used to take the radio set to the sea- side and practice dance religiously. Those were days when there weren’t too many opportunities for common people, especially in a small town like Jamnagar. Very few people know that Remo’s original name is ‘ Ramesh Gopi’. The crew played video tapes of friends, neighbors and family from Jamnagar who spoke highly of Remo and the success that he has achieved in his chosen field.

If one recollects, a few weeks back Remo had choreographed a routine on Saajan depicting how kids often forget their parents once they settle down in big cities. Amidst the glitz and glamour of city life, parents and family often take a back seat and are taken for granted. Remo had used this platform to apologize to his parents and spread message to all such kids for who parents have become last priority. In the VT, his sister said that he needn’t apologize for not having done enough for his family. They are extremely proud of him, his work and the success he has achieved in such a short period.

Caught in an emotional rollercoaster, Mithun da gives Remo another bolt from the blue. He goes backstage and gets his parents on the stage. A shell shocked Gabbar who is known for his tough exterior breaks down completely and falls on the stage. Totally overwhelmed he says, “For so many years I have wanted my parents to live with me but never once did they relent. Today DID has made the impossible possible. They were able to convince my parents which even I couldn’t do…. saat janmo tak nahin bhoolonga ye manch…ye pal.. thanks DID”. He touched his parents’ feet and gave a power packed performance which was ‘wow’ to say the least .

In this Remo special episode, it was Remo’s challenge to all the participants. The contestants had to live up to the styles specified by Remo sir. Accordingly they did various Hip Hop and Street Dance forms like – B- Boeing + Funk ( Kunwar Amarjeet) , Jabbawockies, (Saajan), Lyrical Hip- Hop (Dharmesh), Popping and Wacking ( Shakti) , Break dance ( Punit) , Crumping (Amrita) and Tutting (Binny).

We wish Master Remo Dsouza a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead!

Mithun da gifts Remo his old radio set

Remo with his parents on the sets of Zee TV's Dance India Dance

Remo with his parents on the sets of Dance India Dance on Zee TV

Remo's power packed performance on Zee TV show Dance India Dance

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