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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - DM and Birwa get to know the truth behind Sarang, he decides to marry Monghi

Santu has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to clean up the house, even while continuing to earn hatred from people in the house over her declared intent to get money from the house. It is only Baa who realizes all the good that Santu is doing, and starts to counsel DM about this - and DM, who always claims to be a Dharamraj, starts to realize that indeed this is true.
Another episode that affects Santu is the fact about Sarang. Sarang was supposed to come to the house to marry Birwa, who is the perfect businesswoman, with no time for anyone. When Sarang keeps on getting rejected by her, he starts getting drawn towards the younger sister of Santu, Monghi (who was working in the office run by Birwa). However, when accused of trying to kill Toral's children, she is removed from the office. Later, when she is proved innocent, she comes back. By this time, both she and Sarang are in love with each other. Santu tries to counsel her against this, since Sarang is much richer than Monghi, and he is also supposed to be for Birwa. And by this time, Birwa has also started to find herself in love with Sarang, and does not like seeing him with Monghi.
And then a marriage is proposed between Sarang and Birwa, with Sarang not opposing this. Santu tries to stop Monghi, but Monghi does not stop since she claims that Sarang has already proposed to her and she anyhow does not have a high regard for Santu because of the supposed crime committed by Santu of killing a member of Maalik's house.
And then, when Birwa and Sarang have gone to a temple, Sarang is caught trying to quickly marry Monghi, and now the facts are out in the open. Sarang declares that he will marry Monghi (to the shock of Birwa) and Hiten also supports them in this quest. And then DM decides that he cannot stop two people marrying, and will convince Sarang's father about this relationship. And so it happens, with DM finally being able to do this. This makes Santu very happy.

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