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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo - Ammaji attacked during the horse race by some people in black

Santosh is in real trouble. After trying to run away, she is brought back by Ammaji's men who also kill her relative (but not before Santosh has already met another man). When she is brought back to the house, Ammaji insists on the same thing, that Raghav will be the one who will have physical relations with Santosh so that she can have a baby and there will be no question marks on Jogi after that (it's very simplistic to assume that one night of physical relations would result in pregnancy, that too when the situation is very emotionally traumatic). However, Raghav, even though he knew that he never would do such a thing to his bhabhi, agrees to Ammaji and decides to go to Santosh's room. At this, Sia and the other female members of the house are shocked. However, Raghav becomes fully drunk and later tells Santosh that he would never think of touching her, and in the morning, Santosh also tells Sia that everything is fine and that they did not do anything (but at the same time, telling Ammaji that it had happened).
Soon after, Ammaji decides to take part in the horse race, since that is a matter of great pride for her that she is able to defeat the men in the village in the horse race and is shadowed by her men to ensure her safety. However, there are some people in black who are also pursuing her (a new twist in the story), and when Ammaji is in the lead, a rider in black tries to capture Ammaji (at which Raghav manages to save her). In the next, they show a whole gang discussing about how to capture Ammaji, and otherwise trying to capture her children. When Raghav goes to file a report in the police station, he is indeed captured by the same gang, something that shocks the entire household. Now what will happen ?

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