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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hindi Serial - Jyoti - Has Brij started blackmailing Bhairavi at the time of Pankaj's marriage ?

The serial Jyoti on NDTV Imagine has started getting more interesting. Till now it was that Jyoti used to listen to the various speeches given to her by many people, primarily Bhairavi (also known as CM) in silence, choosing to cry silently. However, in the recent past, she had started replying to Bhairavi when she would come across some injustice. And now things have got even more interesting. Bhairavi has planned the second marriage of Pankaj (after Jyoti decided to agree to lie in a document so as to allow him to get divorced earlier), and Sudha is now not cooperating with her too much (and her husband Uday will typically support her in all this).
What has made the situation much more interesting is the emergence of Brij from jail. After coming out of jail, he explained that he had no more interest in either Jyoti or Sushma, since both of them were poor and there was no benefit in trying to get anything out of them. Instead he heads to the house of Pankaj, which is when Bhairavi gets scared when she sees Brij over there. She does not know what the motive of Brij to be there could be, but given that they had an arrangement in the past to get Jyoti out of the house and out of the marriage with Pankaj, it was quite clear that Brij knew things that Bhairavi would not want Pankaj to know.
So, most likely we are going to see Brij starting to blackmail Bhairavi because of the knowledge he has, and in a matter of coincidence, Jyoti will also be there at the function (something that Bhairavi is deeply distressed by). And the final coincidence will be when the intended bride of Pankaj, Neelam, will be late turning up for the marriage. The next couple of episodes should be interesting. And there is the budding romance between Jyoti and Kabir, one wonders where that romance will go.

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