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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hindi Serial - Dance India Dance - When participants of Season 1 shook a leg with participants of Season 2

The latest episode of Zee TV’s Dance India Dance features last year’s most popular finalists of the show shaking a leg with the top 7 finalists of the ongoing season. So you have the likes of good ol’ “handsome hunk” Salman, Alisha, Mayuresh, Siddhesh, Sunita, Prince & Jay Kumar Nair matching steps with Dharmesh, Shakti, Binny, Punit, Amar, Amrita & Saajan. If the buzz is anything to go by, the most breathtaking performance is undoubtedly the “Dhakka Laga Bukka” act choreographed by Master Remo wherein last season’s winner Salman and Punit defy gravity as they dance totally “ulta” resting their feet on an artificially constructed platform, hanging on to just a bundle of strings.
Geeta Kapoor’s comical rendition of ‘Lift kara De’ features Dharmesh ‘Sir’ and Siddhesh playing 2 struggling actors who’re broke and jobless. The twosome is said to have drawn a lot of seetis with this paisa vasool act! This year’s highest voted female contestant Shakti teams up with last year’s Jay Kumar Nair in Terence Lewis’s pop jazz interpretation of the classic Kajra Mohobbatwala where the duo pose as beggars who … ahem … well, dance! On a special request from Grandmaster Mithun Da, the two kings of “locking & popping” – last year’s Prince and the current favorite Dharmesh “sir” are said to have put up a jaw-dropping hip hop act for the audience. With a deluge of enthralling performances and an interesting assortment of the old and new dancing talent, the latest episode of this dance reality show is an absolute must-watch! Stay tuned to Lux Dance India Dance at 9:30 PM on Fridays & Saturdays on Zee TV.

Binny Sharma & last year's  Mayuresh in a dramatic clasp as they perform on the current season of Dance India Dance on Zee TV

Dharmesh & Siddhesh dance to Lift Kara De 2 on Dance India Dance on Zee TV

Handsome Hunk Salman dances with Punit on Dance India Dance, the reality contest on Zee TV

Shakti & last season's Jay Kumar Nair perform a pop jazz rendition of Kajra Mohobbatwala on reality dancing contest, Dance India Dance on Zee TV

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shekhar said...

Dance India Dance is back with a bang on Zee TV and that too in a new avatar. The first three seasons which had individual participants and gave us new dancing talents is now called ‘DID Doubles’ which means that instead of individuals, there will be couples who will perform as a team.

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