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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hindi Serial - Jhansi ki Rani - Manu Bai is married to the King, and projects a strong image

The serial is about the historical figure called Jhansi Ki Rani (the serial is actually called 'Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani'), the lady who was prominent for her fight in the First Indian War of Independence of 1857 against the British. She was a lady who got married to king, and they could not have a natural heir. The British did not recognize the adopted heir that they had, and took over the kingdom when the King died. Opposing this, the Laxmibai led a revolt against the British. However, the serial seeks to portray that the fight against the British was not only from the time that they took over her kingdom, but something that was ingrained in her from the time that she was a small child, when she had setup a small group of kids to fight against the British.
In the current situation, Manu Bai has done a number of fights against the British, and they suspect her of being behind some of the attacks against them. And then she gets married to the King (the King is a middle aged adult and she is a young child, shown to be much wiser, but physically still young); however, just because she is young does not mean that she will allow herself to be pushed over. There is opposition to her from within the king's household as well as from the British resident, but she manages to make a relationship with the king, including insisting on a direct way to contact the King when necessary.
She is again invoking her fight against the British, opposing the influence of the British in the kingdom. In the latest such incident, she leads a fight against the efforts of the British resident to move the treasury (the Khazana) to some other location, enlisting the help of Sumer Singh in take back the khazana. However, she is seen by the King; will he manage to penetrate her veil and discover her secret.

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