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Friday, April 16, 2010

Hindi TV serial - Uttaran - Ichcha finally confronts Tapasya, after Vansh walks out on her on the wedding night

Written update: Ichcha is facing some huge problems in her life. She knows (and so does the rest of her family that Tapasya hates her, and will do things to make her life miserable). In fact, all of them know that Tapasya tries to get Ichcha killed, and yet Ichcha still cannot understand that Tapasya is somebody she should stay away from. In the meantime, Tapasya is planning an even more miserable situation for Ichcha, by ensuring that her future husband, Vansh, gets to know all about the past relationship between Veer and Ichcha, so that her married life will also be miserable, and this will be a true revenge for how Tapasya's married life with Veer was miserable due to Veer being in love with Ichcha.
And how does she do this ? Well, she decides to plaster the bedroom of Vansh and Ichcha with photos of Ichcha and Veer, and her plan seems to slightly backfire when Vansh comes into the room before the marriage, and sees all these photos. He almost decides not to do the marriage, but then is counseled to do the marriage, and agrees, but is shocked.
When they are married and are together, Vansh starts off by being nice and sweet to Ichcha, but this is a a very short time, and soon becomes very sarcastic, and asks her about what her past was. And Ichcha had believes that she had told Vansh all about her past with Veer in a letter, that Tapasya had intercepted and replaced some of the contents. Vansh then leaves the room and the house and Tapasya comes to console Ichcha. Ichcha at this time leans that the letter she had sent to Vansh was actually intercepted, and major chunks of the content was substituted, and for the first time, actually raises her hand to hit Tapasya.

Videos of the serial:

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