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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hindi Serial - Jyoti - At Pankaj's wedding, Jyoti ends up on stage doing a dance, embarrassing for her

For Jyoti, the occasion of the wedding of Pankaj, her former husband, was a time of great grief; even more so because she was turned out from her married home due to allegations of bad character, even more so because her husband also refused to believe her. He was able to do this because Jyoti had also hid the fact of her sister Sushma and her husband Brij (somebody who Jyoti used to love in the past).
However, all that was in the past. Now, Jyoti is moving on, although she still considers that time period as a painful one. She is an expecting mother, and also moved back to her dancing experience. It is here that she meets Kabir, who the serial is moving up as a prospective romantic lead opposite her, although a number of viewers would still like her to get back to Pankaj (who is now getting married to somebody else).
Now, at the actual wedding, Jyoti has to be there as Kabir has taken on the contract of providing the festivities at the occasion of Pankaj's marriage, since he was not aware of this background. Once he got to know, it was too late. Bhairavi decided to not leave such a chance once she saw Jyoti over there, and invited her from the stage as an expert dancer, to dance for the happy occasion of the wedding of Pankaj and Neelam. Jyoti at first refused, but later agreed, even though she knew that Bhairavi was inviting her for the dance to embarrass her.
However, give that Jyoti is pregnant, doing the dance is not recommended for her, and so it happened during the dance. But Pankaj remains disturbed by all this.

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