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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santo in serious trouble, believed to have got into another relationship

Like any other serial, Bandini also believes in subjecting its chief character to multiple problems, to various character assassinations, and other problems; this ensures that people loving drama remain interested, and also that getting characters out of this drama can ensure long series of episodes of multiple weeks each. And so is the case with Bandini, where Santu seems to be getting into problems all the time.
In this case, Rudra was trying to get close to Santu, even when he came to know that Santu was the wife of DM (and this was something suspicious, when somebody comes to know that the person you are trying to flirt with is a powerful man, and also the head of the house in which you are currently staying, then most people will step back. This is even more true when the lady herself has slapped you, and another member of the household has also threatened you). And he showed a burst of anger when Santu slapped him again, and cornered her in a room.
When they were found, Rudra knew that he was in trouble. However, he turned the tables on everyone by claiming that both Santu and he were in love, that DM was wrong for having married a lady half his age, and also that Santu and he had done nothing wrong. And of course, he was slapped and cursed, but the anger also started getting reflected on Santu. From all appearances, it seemed that everybody in the house believed that she could be the wrong one in this, with Ba being the only who seemed some non-believing; Santu seemed shocked that everyone could so easily believe this, with even DM and her own sister also believing it. Now what will happen in this household ?

Video of Bandini 27th April 2010 - NDTV Imagine - Part 1

Bandini 27th April 2010 - NDTV Imagine - Part 2

Bandini 27th April 2010 - NDTV Imagine - Part 3

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