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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Birwa goes in for a more violent mode, after seeing that nothing was preventing the marriage

Bandini is a serial on Imagine TV that is fairly popular. The serial is essentially based on the struggle of Santu, a girl from a poor household who ends up marrying a much older man, who is also the richest man in the whole area and very influential. She in turn struggles to ensure that her new family does not come to any troubles.
In the current set of episodes, Birwa is very badly frustrated over the fact that Sarang is going to marry Monghi, Santu's sister. When Sarang was after her, she turned him down, but by the time she realized that she wanted to marry Sarang, it was too late. He had started loving Monghi, even though she was much poorer than him. It is Birwa's own father, DM, who moves the marriage forward, even ensuring that Sarang's own father did not raise too many objections. The few objections raised by Sarang's grandmother were also settled, and everything seemed to be fine.
In all this, Birwa, who is trying to prevent the marriage from happening was unable to control her anger. Using her business logic (where a cut diamond has no value), she reasons that if Sarang cannot marry her, he will not be able to marry anyone, she decides to get rid of Sarang, and takes him up a cliff through false pretenses. There, she is just about to attack him when DM's car comes in between and saves Sarang, but DM gets hurt.
When DM comes back home, he is injured and claims that he was in an accident, and that Sarang was nearby and saved him. But Santu hears Sarang and his friend Rudra discussing this, and wants to know more, and tries to pump Rudra for more information. Rudra in turn is flirty, so one wonders how Santu will react when Rudra tries to flirt with her.

Video of Bandini 20th April 20 April 2010 Part 1

Bandini 20th April 20 April 2010 Part 2

Bandini 20th April 20 April 2010 Part 3

Bandini 20th April 20 April 2010 Part 4

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