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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hindi Serial - Sony - Godh bharai - the story of a childless couple, especially the woman

Indian society can be very cruel to those who do not fit in so easily, and a person who deserves sympathy can instead be treated with a lot of scorn. So, it seems with the concept of a married woman who has not had a child even several years after marriage, and is the case of the heroine, Aastha, of a new serial on Sony TV, called Godh Bharai. This is a serial that has recently started on Sony TV (although it was advertised for many weeks before the show, to the extent that people were sick and tired of the ad appearing on every break on the serial), started on March 8, 2010. The advertisement was depicting the concept of a lady who goes to a godh-bharai ceremony where the other ladies look at her with scorn since she is not a mother, believing her presence to be inauspicious to such a ceremony.
And when it comes her turn to felicitate the bride, she is stopped by the elders and told to leave from there, since she is a 'baanj', a barren woman. She also has to bear scorn within her own family over this; however, when she gets a checkup done, it turns out that she is fine, and most likely the problem is with her husband. And instead of taking the help of medical treatment to treat infertility, she wants to the play the sacrificial wife and hide the inability of her husband to give her a child and is willing to take the pain of being labeled a barren woman just so that her husband does not have to bear this emotional burden. The principal characters of the serial are:
Pallavi Subhash ... Aastha
Shakti Anand ... Shivam Agnihotri
Ravindra Mankani ... Ramakant Agnihotri (Shivam's father)
Mangal Kenkre ... Bhagyashree Agnihotri (Shivam's mother)

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