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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hindi Serial - Bandini - Santu exposes the truth behind Moullick and Sandeep, and tries to bring together Kaddu and Shashank

In Bandini on NDTV Imagine, Santu is going all out to reveal all those are doing bad things behind the cloak of the rich and influential family, and she does not mind if she is blamed for exposing matters. Anyhow, she has a mission to try and bring the family together (but ever since she started out on this mission, she has exposed 3 family members who were upto no good; however, 3 of them have been penalized).
First Santu had exposed Khemi as the person who was trying to prevent the birth of more heirs in the family (she would use poisons to try and kill the baby in the womb so that her son would always be supreme). Once she was exposed, she lost her strong position in the household.
Next was the major doings by the 2 person duo of Sandeep and Moullick. Sandeep was a strong person in the household by virtue of his marriage to Kaddu (who had divorced Shashank to marry Sandeep); this was not something that Santu ever liked since she knew that Shashank was a very good individual while Sandeep was more of a villain. However, until Kaddu could be convinced of this, it would not matter since she was a strong supported of her husband.
Santu got a chance to prove things to Kaddu when she discovered that it was Sandeep and Moullick who were behind the kidnapping and exploitation of women in the area; they earned huge amounts of money from this but it was a dastardly crime that they were carrying out, with the potential of sullying the family name if it ever came out that they were involved. Santu once catches them in the act, and to convince Kaddu, she places Kaddu in a situation where their evil nature was exposed to Kaddu. Now, they are exposed before the family, and the family has placed them before the police. DM also tells both of them that their real punishment from the family is yet to come, and that Sandeep should forget about his wife, Kaddu. He is also starting to re-discover that Santu is maybe the one bright person who is cleaning up the household (inspired by Baa).

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