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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta Written Update - Manav playing the role of a good son-in-law

The time has come very close for the wedding of Satish and Varsha. It had earlier been thought that both Archana and Maanav will go to Sulochna Tai's house some days before the wedding, but Archana refuses, since she says that she needs to support the house and Savita tai. So, it gets decided that Maanav will go to the Karanjkar house and provide the required help. In the meantime, Rasika and Ajit get busy in their nefarious planning and decide that for the time being, they will send Vandu home (claiming that since she has not been home after the marriage, it is a good thing for her to do). Archana is suspicious that both of them are upto no good, and they must be planning something more to spoil things, and tells the same to Sulochana. They both worry about whether they will know the secret of Varsha's relationship with her ex-boss, but then decide that Satish is a good person.
In the meantime, Manav is playing the role of the dutiful son-in-law, and wins the heart of everybody in his in-law's house (even though it is very close to the signing of the divorce papers); to the extent that Sulochana would have wished that the relationship did not end. At the same time, Savita tai is starting to recognize the worth of Archana, but she also looks the soon-to-be-born baby as the last sign of her dead son Sachin, and will not stop the divorce of Archana and Manav.
A horrific event happens when Manohar and Manav go to the bank to withdraw money. While Manav goes to get some food to give to a beggar boy, Manohar goes to get the money from the bank. Unknown to him, he is being tailed by a thief, who along with another then steal all the money. Manav then borrows the money from a guy named Girish, and gives that money to Manohar.

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