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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hindi TV serial - Bidaai - Vasu pretends to be severely sick, but Alekh gets to know the truth

Written update:
Ever since Alekh got to know the truth about Vasu's hand in trying to force his divorce with Sadhana, he had left the house. This action of Alekh had hurt the ego of Vasu so much that she had proclaimed that since Alekh did not know anything much on his own, and had led such a sheltered life, he would realize his mistake and come back to the house and to Vasu within 7 days. However, Alekh had managed to get a job (although he ran into problems because of the lack of qualifications).
Vasu really did not believe that Alekh would be able to survive on his own, however, she did take some precautions to ensure that her condition would be met. However, before this, she got another shock when Ranveer also decided to quit the house where his brother and bhabhi are not accepted, and leaves. Vasu comes across mamaji in the morning, and tries to blame him for everything; however, he does not accept it and tells that her if she really wanted to understand, maybe she should try to understand that everything is happening because of her.
Next, Vasu decides that she will give a shock to the Sharma family and decides that Vineet cannot continue to work in her company anymore and hence she decides to fire him. Inderjeet tried to intervene but by then Vinu had decided to quit the job since his self-respect had gone. However, Malti is shocked when she gets to hear about this, and tries to take this out on Sadhana at home. Vinu and mamaji both respond very negatively to this, with Vinu almost raising his hand, but is stopped by Sadhana.
However, then Vasu decides to play her trump card; in the middle of an argument with Inderjeet, she claims that she is not feeling well, and is rushed to hospital where the doctor claims that she had a minor heart attack. Both her sons are shocked and come to the hospital leaving everything. And then Alekh gets to know by accident that everything is fine with her, and she was acting with the doctors supporting her. When the family gets to know, they are even more shocked.

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