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Friday, November 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Tension between Soham and Archana

The serial is taking this story to slightly twisted journeys. Even though both Manav and Archana know that Vishnu / Soham is their lost child whom Varsha had stolen, they are unable to do anything. Vishnu does not recognize them as parents, is shown as a bad character, and recognizes Varsha and Balan as his parents. Archana is very upset at this, but wants to use the power of her love to ensure that eventually Soham will come back to her.
So, Archana ensures that both Balan and Vishnu get bail and are now out of jail even though they have to make daily appearances in the police station and the court case will happen in 10 days, where Manav has pledged that he will give correct testimony and ensure that justice happens. He is worried about what will happen when both Balan and Vishnu get out of jail, whether they will threaten the family and any other impact. Balan does try to threaten Archana in public but Savita is there and she shouts at Balan enough that he fears attack from other people over there and leaves.
On the other hand, there is a lot of tension between Arjun and Ovi, since Ovi believes that Arjun is also maintaining a relationship with Purvi, but Archana assures her that there is nothing, and Arjun also tries to explain to her that there is nothing, and when Arjun and Purvi had met, that was because of some other circumstances.
Balan comes to Manav's company to threaten him, but Manav gets him thrown out of the company and Balan tries to take revenge. He cuts the wire underneath the car, but Archana is in the car and the brakes have failed. In the end, it is Soham who is nearby who is passing by who saves her and takes her to the hospital and also learns that it was Balan who cut the brakes.

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