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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - What to do about Sanchi and her love for Jagdish

The family is thoroughly confused about what to do about Sanchi. The way that she shocked them with her statement that she is in love with Jagdish and will marry him totally shocked them. Even though there was something strange about the way that she had immediately gone to Jaitsar on learning about the deep injuries suffered by Jagdish, this could be explained by the fact that Jagdish had helped her when Sunny was trying to cause injury to her. As a result, her being concerned about Jagdish would seem normal. However, the fact that she had now come out in the open and expressed her love for Jagdish was very scary for them.
If they were ever trying to select a husband for her, Jagdish would never have shown up in that shortlist. He had a child marriage, had been married twice and divorced both times, and the biggest problem was that he had shown himself as undependable when he broke away from his first marriage and started having an affair even though he was still in the child marriage. Further, he stayed in a old style place, with a conservative family and the openness that Sanchi had in her parents house was very different from the other house. First her family tries to dissuade her, but she is right now devoted to Jagdish and is not willing to listen to anything. Then Anandi tries to talk some sense into her by telling her about the totally different lifestyle, customs and all that are there in Jagdish's house and how those are not a fit for her.
This whole problem leads to a family discussion. When there are suggestions made that Sanchi is totally irresponsible, the women in the house cannot accept that, and do not want all blame to fall on Sanchi, claiming that there would be some input of Jagdish to all this behavior, and he would have something to with all this. Daddu takes the stage, and accepts that if Sanchi is so determined, it would be difficult to do something else. Even the problems in Jagdish's past were those that happen for somebody so young; he was married as a child, so his first marriage was not his fault. Second, it was natural for him to be attracted to somebody like Gauri when he grew up, since that what happens at that age, and they were spending so much time together during studies. But if you look at him now, he is so responsible.
However, Ira totally refuses to let her daughter get married to somebody who has already been through 2 marriages. Dadu however states that nobody right now knows what is there in the mind of Jagya, and he is not in favor for this marriage, that is an easy solution since then there is no basis for Sanchi to want this marriage. But somebody will need to talk to Jagya for this, and the family decides to go to Jagdish's house to talk on this issue.
There, there is celebration going on since Ganga has passed her exam, and she starts the lead in preparation of Jagdish's birthday.

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