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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kuch To Log Kahenge - The accident of Dr.Ashutosh and Nidhi trying to find him

The serial is proving popular with the character of Dr. Ashutosh, a leading doctor of the city, being played by Mohnish Behl, proving to be very popular. However, in recent times, Mohnish Behl needed to take a medical break from the serial, and thus they needed to remove him from the serial and replace him with a new person (Sharad Kelkar). So, the most common method is to do some kind of accident where there is a need for plastic surgery. The serial moved on this side, taking the doctor on a car accident where he was found missing, apparently fallen into a river and presumed dead. The police did an investigation and could not find his body and everybody assumed that he was dead, including his close friend Armaan.
However, it was Nidhi who did not believe that Dr. Ashutosh was dead. By this time, her family members knew that she was in love with Dr. Ashutosh and were not comfortable with this, although her father really did not push his views. And Nidhi really did not care for objections. So now, when everybody believed that Dr. Ashutosh was dead, Nidhi refused to believe it, and started on a search for Dr. Ashutosh.
She set out, hunting for possible spots where he could have emerged from the river in an injured state, reaching villages on the way. At a particular village, she went into the hospital, and talked to the doctor, but the doctor told her that there were no persons fitting that description. However, her heart did not accept this, and she decided to turn back to the village over the objections of her friends, at the same time that a barely living person was pulled from the river and taken to hospital. He barely had a heart beat.

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