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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Khushi starting to tease Arnav, and winning

The serial got a bit serious in between when they showed a lot of tension over the sudden and shocking marriage between Khushi and Arnav; this marriage, at the same time as the marriage between Payal and Akash, was done primarily because Arnav wanted to prevent any harm to Anjali, caused by her husband Shyam. However, nobody was told of the real reason, and which caused huge harm to Khushi, since that meant that everybody else blamed her for this sudden decision, and tried to reduce their contact with her.
However, this was too serious for the makers of the serial, and they showed how Khushi managed to make up with almost every of her relatives, through the sheer power of her personality and pleasing nature. She made up with her sister Payal, made up with her family, and also got done the incredible task of ensuring that Nani also participated in the Holi festivities. However, there was always the presence of Shyam in the house which caused a lot of tension to Khushi, and she could not tell anybody about it; further there was the chance that Arnav would see them in a position that could cause him to be suspicious, causing from problems to Khushi.
However, finally Khushi has decided to try and make some changes in Arnav, and is consulting a list of thing to do that will make Arnav become crazy; so she starts washing her clothes in the pool; she starts singing in such a way that makes him mad; she occupies the bathroom for so long that he worries about how late he is getting; she collaborates with Anjali so that she gets space in the cupboard for her clothes, and so on. Interesting.

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