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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Prolonging the issue between Manav and Archana

Sometimes one is sympathetic to the writers of Hindi serials. In the case of Pavitra Rishta, there must be a lot of pressure to ensure that the serial goes on and on, and which is why the serial is taking so much to get to the point. The 18 year gap between Manav leaving to Canada in a huff over his disappointment with the response he got from Archana (and which was actually caused by Savitha) went by in the space of an episode. However, it is after the 18 year episode that things have started slowing down a lot.
The judge has started the divorce proceedings, but has also ensured that they be given another chance and has asked Manav and Archana to live together as husband and wife for 6 months, something that Archana has got uncomfortable with only because Sachin has told her that he wants Manav and Archana to terminate their relationship. So, when Sachin was small, she would not let him do wrong stuff, but is now agreeable to support him in his right endeavour even though it is wrong in terms of the relationship between Manav and Archana ? Further, Manav's father Damodar knows about what all Savita did to break the relationship, but is not willing to say anything to correct a wrong, depending on Manav's good sense to get to know what is right.
And the only person really trying to make things right is Purvi, who is not Manav's daughter, in fact, she has nothing to do with Manav in any form, and Archana had adopted her after Manav had already left. She is doing this inspite of Sachin making clear that he would oppose everything that she did. And then there is Manav's one daughter, Teju (the other is in Canada) who is here in Mumbai although her family does not know, and is by coincidence living with Sulochana, and who has not yet Manav (the show keeps on showing them getting to know about each other being in Mumbai, and then suddenly clearing off).

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