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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Necklace lost, Bhabho blames Sandhya and Ankur for this one

As usual, the serial keeps on showing one drama after another. When the serial started, there was a feeling that it would be different, however, it is settling into the usual sort of drama, with the setting being changed. There is the suffering bahu, the silent men who do not interfere, and there is the saas who runs the house (and then there is the person who in the house is the source of most of the wrong that happens). There is one episode after another, but yet the bahu continues to suffer and be tormented.
After the episode in the village, where after some initial condemnation by maasa, Sandhya manages to save the marriage through some education of those involved (with of course support from the brother-in-law of the groom); she gets the full support of maasa who tells Bhabho that Sandhya has her full support and Bhabho has got the right bahu.
Bhabho of course continues to be against Sandhya to a large degree, and with Suraj providing support, but mostly of a silent nature (except when Bhabho wanted to turn out Sandhya and Suraj refused to let that happen). In the current episode, Sandhya had jewellery out of which one of them goes missing after she had given them to Bhabho for keeping. Bhabho is very angry over the loss of the jewellery, and in the beginning believes that Sandhya has the jewellery set; and then actually believes that Ankur (Sandhya's brother) was needing a loan and then suddenly did not want a loan (and this would be because Sandhya would have given him the necklace for money purposes). She calls Ankur to the house.
Sandhya is totally aghast at this allegation, and does not let Ankur enter the house since she says that discussions related to the house should remain the house rather than being discussed outside the house. And then Suraj seems some photos in the camera that show Meena with the necklace; but will he expose everything ?

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