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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram and Priya coming closer together

For the past many episodes, the serial is working on showing a growing closeness between the pair. And remember that it was just a few weeks back that Ram had threatened Priya with a divorce paper, which was soon washed away in the flow of emotions expressed by Priya. Things got more closer between them when there was a lot of tension regarding the lump in Priya's breast, and for the week where the result of the biopsy was expected, Ram was doing whatever he could to ensure that the wishes of Priya were being respected. All this was scaring Ram's mother and mama, since they cannot tolerate Priya getting closer to Ram, they want to ensure that Ram remains under their control and as a result, control over all the money remains with them.
So, Niharika tries another tactic. She decides that Ram needs to be sent to the US so that they can keep a distance between Ram and Priya, and will ensure that for one reason or the other, Ram will be kept in the US for many days, or even weeks, and in the meantime, they will try to increase distances between Ram and Priya. However, when Ram went to the US, he still wanted to keep in touch with Priya, and thus used the phone and video chat to keep in regular touch.
And then Ram decides to come back to the country, and surprises Priya by calling her to the house and coming there in front of her. Niharika also follows and is equally surprised to see Ram over there. Now, both Ram and Priya are consulting with Vikram and Neha about how to express their love to each other, being somewhat uncomfortable about all this, but still wanting to go ahead with all this.
Priya wants that Ram express his love, and Ram is just waiting for the right moment, so there is still a bit of tension in the air, which increases since Priya decides to try and make Ram jealous, and he will get jealous, leading to a fight between them.

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