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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Shakti pushes everybody out of the house, citing his ownership

So, the scene finally happened. Shakti was successful in his attempts, and he cited the papers that he got Sajjan Singh to sign through deceit, and then told Sajjan Singh that this was now Shakti Niwas, it all belonged to him, and turned all of them out of the house. One thinks that they have suddenly decided to show Shakti as totally negative, since there was on need for him to turn all of them out of the house, especially his mother, his grand mother, and his own son. And of course, he does not know the true nature of his own wife Menaka, since she would not think twice before kicking him out of the house as well.
So, now they are out of the house, sitting in a park at night, wondering what to do. Sajjan Singh no longer has that arrogance, since he no longer has the money with him, his own son has deserted him, and his other son is still in jail, unable to get bail and likely to stay there over the weekend. Finally Pratigya tells them to come to her home, and even though they are a bit reluctant, they decide to do this.
At the Professor's house, Sajjan Singh is unable to lift his eyes because of all that he has said and done to the Professor, but gives them the rooms in order to stay. Komal is incredibly angry at what Shakti has done, but right now nothing can be done. When Tanmay says some words against them, Pratigya defends all of them, including Amma, which makes Amma very happy.
In the promos, it is Pratigya who will do something in terms of revenge, and to get the money and house of Sajjan Singh back to him from the clutches of Shakti. We have to see how this will proceed.

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