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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Distance between Ichcha and Veer grows over Yuvraj vs. Kanha

It has typically been seen on serials that when they want to elongate the life of a serial or show a time leap, they bring in differences between a husband and wife or between some other close family members; this was done in many serials that showed a time leap - most recently in the serial Pavitra Rishta. In this case, there is talk of a time leap to be given to the serial, and they are starting to show distances happening between Veer and Ichcha, and in most of the cases, there is some behavior by Ichcha that causes Veer to feel offended.
For some time now, when there is something big happening, Ichcha does not tell Veer, and when Veer comes to know, he feels offended as to why Ichcha does not tell him, and has told her about this already that there should not be such big secrets between a husband and wife; and yet, when Ichcha gets to know that Yuvraj, her son, has been kidnapped and is discussing this with Rathod, Veer comes in and is shocked to know that Ichcha has not yet told him about his son being alive, in the form of Yuvraj.
Now, the situation is desperate. Avinash has kidnapped Yuvraj and wants Icchah to hand over Kanha if she wants Yuvraj alive; her in-laws are all for this, since they want to ensure that their own grandson remains alive, and are even willing to hand over Kanha to Avinash for this one. when Ichcha sees Veer taking Kanha with her, she gets desperate, thinking that Veer is also ready to hand over Kanha to Avinash; when Veer comes back with Yuvraj and Ichcha cannot see Kanha, she is shocked and wants to know from Veer where Kanha is (although Kanha is safe and sound). Veer is very shocked that she thinks he will risk Kanha and treat Kanha differently from Yuvraj, and tells her that he is shocked at her behavior.

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