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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Krishna being framed for beating a waiter, so that Shakti can get all the money

The serial is finally showing the major split between Krishna and Shakti; both of them have a high ego, but Krishna has been turned towards the good side by Pratigya, while there is nothing that seems to have done that for Shakti. Further, his new wife, who is actually also cheating on the family by selling her jewellery on the side, influences him to turn even more negative.
In the recent episodes, Krishna knew for some time that Pratigya was hiding the fact about him being unable to have children, and so decided to do a drama so that she revealed the truth. However, when he got the truth revealed, even though things got better for Pratigya, the truth coming out and the taunts by Shakti did not do any good for Krishna, and he went into a sort of mini depression; exhibited in terms of fickle behavior, including beating up a waiter when he got angry over something.
It was at this time that Sajjan Singh decided to will his property to Krishna, and hand over some other parts to Shakti; Shakti's wife heard this and went to Shakti, telling him that his father was going to give over everything to Krishna and leave Shakti with nothing. Shakti then created a plan where he would defeat this plan of Sajjan Singh, and got a drama around a waiter of Krishna's dhaba; on Holi day, the waiter turned up with the police and claimed that Krishna had beaten him up badly and Krishna was taken to jail. The police also told his family that they could not step in since the employees union was involved in the issue and was applying pressure.
The plan of Shakti was to use the bail papers as a fraud, instead they would get signatures on the property transfer papers and file them in court.

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