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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Finally Ram and Priya get physically closer

For some time now, the serial has been showing the lead characters getting closer together, even though there are always some issues that can cause minor problems between them. They have a small tiff due to the occurrence at the party where Ram and Priya are both trying to express their feelings to each other, and after some tension, Priya finally tells Ram about her feelings, although at the rate at which she speaks, she is not giving any chance to Ram to say what is on his mind. She also considers him very egoistical, and then both of them go for the Natasha's party where Priya's sister is going to be the show-stopper.
However, over there Nuts has a different mind, and has never liked being under pressure and arranges things such that Ayesha will get a major shock during the show, and so it happens with her dress coming undone during the performance; the top falls down and this is a major embarrassment since that means her breasts are exposed to the audience. However, she recovers and in a presence of mind,manages to complete the show; and then this leads to a dispute, since she then slaps Natasha in front of everybody for doing this to her.
All this causes tension between Ram and Priya, especially when Ram does not take kindly to his sister being slapped; and then he gets what he deserves for this, since Priya asks him whether he has no relation to Ayesha. He has made a mistake; and so things get suddenly more tense. However, all this talk and tension leads to a situation where he stops Priya from talking by kissing her, and then she accuses him of taking pity on her, he tells her that he also loves her and has changed a lot because of her.
And then they get more intimate, with almost more than half the serial being devoted to this situation of intimacy between, and the suggested scenes are pretty forward for the Indian television industry with a lip to lip kiss between them, and finally showing them in bed as if they finally had intercourse.

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