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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The time leap happens, 18 years in the future

As happens in many serials when they want to prolong the story, they do a time leap, since that gives them the feeling that this will lead to a refreshing of user interest, introduce new characters, and so on. However, so many serials have done this by now that people are bored, or they lose connectivity with the revamped serial and do not follow it again. One prime example of this one is 'Na Aana Iss Des Mein Ladoo' where after the time leap, I lost the threads of the serial and no longer found it interesting.
One wonders what will happen in Uttaran ? They have already got rid of some of the main characters, with the absence of Veer, Tapasya, and Rathod (in fact, Rathod was a very interesting character in the serial, very different from the others who seem very superficial, and his presence had livened up the whole serial). Anyhow, onto the current story.
So, after Avinash attacks Veer, Ichcha is very angry and kills Avinash in a frenzy. Nani is passing by (always such coincidences) and calls up the police from there who come and arrest Ichcha. And since Veer is in a condition in hospital where due to his injuries, he is not able to remember a lot of his life, he cannot recall what happened between Ichcha, Veer and Avinash and is not able to give this testimony in court (and it seems very strange that the court does not take into the account the history between them, Avinash's previous attempts, and so on) and as a result, Ichcha is sentenced to a life term (which is also strange, since this should have been a much reduced terms).
Anyhow, Ichcha hands the responsibility of her daughter Meethi and Kanha to Ammo and tells her that Meethi should not be told about Ichcha, and now 18 years later, Meethi has grown up to be a very irritating character in college, and lives with Kanha and Ammo.

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