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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Holi while the court case is ongoing against Kunal

The serial is currently dragging a bit. You can take the court case that is currently ongoing Kunal and keep on making twists and turns in the case, and keep it going for weeks. There are twists and turns in the case, although the legalities of the case seem a bit strange - after all, there is no direct evidence against Kunal, and no confirmed witness. It rather seems like a case of Richa's word against Kunal, and yet it seems like there is no option but to find Kunal guilty.
Anyhow, in the latest twist, Thakral came to Kunal's house, showed him some money for getting the case settled, and then Kunal touched the money and gave it back, which was used by Thakal as a way of showing in court that Kunal was trying a bribe to get evidence in his favor (and somehow, the fact that you could everybody from Kunal's house to testify against him does not seem to mind). And then Kunal seems to think that the hotel would have security cameras in place, and finds a camera video which shows Richa mixing something in the drink and giving to Kunal, something that would be very good evidence in his favor in the court case.
Richa and Thakral find out about this, and then Rohit goes to Raveena and emotionally disturbs her enough that she agrees to get the evidence tape (from the hotel security camera) to Rohit (they are showing her to be totally stupid, and if she can't realize how much trouble her own brother is in, really beyond stupid).
At Kunal's society, Holi celebrations are going on. Normally, it is hard to get Kunal to play Holi, but Siddhi gets Kunal to come out, and then by mistake drenches him with water, and then gives him bhaang which causes him to get all strange, bhaang struck, including singing a song for her.

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