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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram and Priya come even closer together

This part of the serial was very confusing for me. Both the lead characters are grappling with how to display their affections to each other, but are waiting for the other to take the lead. And for this end, they are being guided (misguided) by their close friends who are suggestiong what they should do, what steps they should take, and so on. As a result, an entire episode was spent in this kind of calculation of emotions, where they were all at a party.
At the party, there was a sort of cold war between Ram and Priya, and Ram was unsure of how he would tell Priya that he was in love with her, while Priya was not sure as to what was in Ram's mind. And then, Priya decided (in discussion with Neha) that maybe the right way was to make Ram somewhat jealous, so she did so by first praising Dhoni a lot, and then once Ronit Roy came to the party, she started praising him, his acting and his fitness level. This served to make Ram angry, but did not really do anything more. And very strangely, it turned out that Ram and Vikram slept off in the car and did not tell either of their wives about their having left the party.
This led to 2 very angry wives, who in their own houses, did not sleep, waiting for communication from their husbands. So when Ram decided to finally come in the house in the morning and seemed to find Priya sleeping on the couch, he got angry and confronted her. Only to be blasted back by Priya, who told him that she did not sleep a bit, waiting for him to inform her about his whereabouts and so on; and if he was going to be sitting on his ego, she would tell him "I love you" first. And then she said that she was going to her parents house since she wanted to attend Natasha's function, since that was a big day for her sister.

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