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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Rohit gets his men to kidnap Siddhi, although by mistake

The whole incident of the CD at the party where the CD would show Richa mixing something in the drink that she gave to Kunal is leading to something more. The CD would reverse the current status of the case, since it would show that Richa was upto something, and hence Thakral and his family was very eager to get it. Rohit emotionally blackmailed Raveena to get the CD, and she did. However, when she gave it to Rohit, she heard soon after that it was actually a ploy by Rohit to ensure that Kunal would suffer in the court case, and that Rohit was actually just using her to get his revenge on Kunal and Siddhi. Already she was a bit apprehensive about meeting Rohit like this, and hence when she heard this, she realized that she was doing wrong, and she managed to get the CD back. When Rohit, Richa and Thakral were looking for the CD, they realized it was missing and it was important to get it back.
So, Rohit decided to play his game in this one. He got his men together, and asked them to ensure that they took the CD from Siddhi when she was at the lab to get the CD verification (in order to ensure that the court accepted that the CD was genuine). When his men intercepted Siddhi at the lab, they realized that the CD was not in her purse, and also, she made a lot of noise, to the extent that they kidnapped her and too her with them in their car and back to their hideout.
Now, Thakral is worried, also because Kunal came to confront him over this kidnapping. He was worried about both his children doing all sort of wayward things, such as this kidnapping; he was also fearful of what will happen when Siddhi gets free, since she is a lawyer and her husband Kunal also has a very high temper. In the meantime, Siddhi has got to know that it was Rohit behind her kidnapping, and threatens him that she will make his life hell when she gets out; enough to make him very scared of what has happened.

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