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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - About to take a leap, Veer to die

The serial has decided to take a huge leap, and is slowly getting rid of some of its key characters. First Tapasya decided to leave the serial, and they decided to show this by making her escape from the house because of all the pressure that she was facing, and left uncertain whether she will ever come back. And now, Veer (the real life husband of Tapasya) is also going to be leaving the serial, going to be killed in a Holi party by Avinash (one wonders as to how people who are caught by the police can suddenly re-appear so suddenly, while normal people who are accused of such crimes would be locked away for years).
In the serial, for probably the first time, Nani is getting her just punishment. She had taken away Yuvraj from the hospital and left the family members to believe that their child had died; and Iccha and Veer believed this for a long time till they got to know the truth when Yuvraj was kidnapped by Avinash since he wanted Kanha back. After some amount of drama and the involvement of the police, Avinash was caught and both Yuvraj and Kanha was caught back.
In the meantime, Divya is totally gone ballistic; she refuses to believe anything that Iccha or Damini, or even her husband Jogi Thakur has to say, and supports Nani and Pushkar in whatever they have to say. So when there is a reason to believe that Iccha can be caught for having Mukta with her, even though this was Tapu's daughter who was stolen from her (somewhat because of her own mistake), they get the police and take her to jail. At that time, Veer gets involved and along with Jogi Thakur, decide to pay back Nani for her crimes. They get the video which shows Nani stealing Yuvraj, and this ensures the police take Nani to jail, and she has to stay there for some time.

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