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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Archana breaks the engagement between Vinay and Purvi

In society, dowry is a practice that is illegal, and causes huge problems in relations between the husband and wife, and their families. There are numerous brides who are tortured or even killed because of expectations regarding dowry (which is treated as a right by the boy's side; the converse being the tough anti-dowry laws are also misused in certain cases to put pressure on the boy's side). So, it happens in the recent episodes of Pavitra Rishta.
Purvi was approached by one of her colleagues (Vinay) with a proposal; even though she was not in love with him, she accepted the proposal since his was a decent family and he had a decent overall appearance. And then there was the angle that they have to show that Arjun was falling for Purvi, and so this relationship between Purvi and Vinay would not last; so there has to be something to break them up, and the question of expectations from Purvi and Archana would form a good reason to break the relationship.
It is the time of the engagement, and everybody is thrilled. However, the last encounter with Vinay's mother where she was enquiring of the jewellery that Purvi would be getting was disquieting to Archana, and also to Teju was who was also present, and who warned Archana that this relationship was not proceeding down the right path.
And then at the time of the engagement, Archana was able to hear a conversation between Vinay's parents where it became clear that they were happy with Purvi because of the salary of Rs. 45,000 that she was drawing every month, and which would start coming to their house once the marriage had happened, and if Purvi resigned from her job, where would this money come from ? Based on this, Archana decided to end the marriage, and found Manav also supporting her in this decision of hers.

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