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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Madhu's love for RK now coming out

The serial is taking its own time to get to a point. For quite some time, the serial showed how RK caused harm to Madhu, in fact almost showing him to be a villain, causing harm to her family as well, and then forcefully marrying her. But, now, the serial has turned its direction, showing her to be slowly recognizing some of the good things that RK has been doing for her and her family. In fact, multiple times RK has been attacked by her father like figure, Mallick (who is like a father to them). Since RK had got Mallick badly beaten up earlier, and also that the marriage happened almost forcefully, Mallick tried multiple attempts on his life. RK survived all these attempts, and also managed to detect that it was Mallick behind all these attempts, but then did not get Mallick arrested or jailed, something that caused Madhu to see him in a new light.
So, now Madhu has fallen in love with RK, and they show this in a very cute way when she comes to the studio and then at home, where she visualizes the way that they interact with each other when both of them are in love (but these are all dream sequences). At the same time, Madhu has to content with Dipali, the wife of the step-brother of RK, with whom RK had a relation earlier, but who he now spurns and who cannot stand this being spurned (also it is RK who is the rich and powerful one, the one who Dipali would want to attract).
Now it is the time of Karva Chauth and although both Dipali and RK's mother are somewhat shocked, Madhu says that she wants to keep a fast for RK, and Dipali is shocked at this and vows to prevent her fast from being completed. At the same time, Madhu also realizes that it is not just a fast, but there needs to be sargi from her mother-in-law and mehendi that needs to be applied to her hands, and it is RK's assistant who is helping her in getting all these done.

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