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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - The custody trial just about to happen

The serial is heading towards another conflict point. For quite some time, the serial has been showing a slowly developing closeness between Ram and Priya, very different from the reunion between Ram and Priya after a gap of 5 years where Ram was very angry that Priya had his child and did not even tell him anything and wanted the custody of Pihu. He in fact even filed a case for the same, which caused Priya a lot of distress. However, things started moving in the right direction since Pihu brought them closer together again, and also there was always a love between them, which caused some of the bitterness to break. And of course Ayesha did not do anything to keep Ram strongly attached to her side, while Priya did such tasks such as keeping the ritual fast for Ram.
However, now Priya realizes that some of this closeness that she felt over a period of time is going to go away since the date of the court case is now only 3 days away, and though she has been assured that the case is strongly in her favor, she remains sad for Pihu. After all, she reasons, whether Ram wins or Priya wins, Pihu will only get one of her parents, and will remain separate from the other parent.
On the other side, the story of Vikram and Neha remains complex. Neha's child previous to her marriage remains a problem for both of them, and it is not even his fault. Neha was very worried about Vikram and his  relationship to Rehan, although Vikram seems to be taking it fairly well (he even cared for Rehan when he was sick and tended him back to wellness). At some point, they will need to let their children about this relationship, and work this out.

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