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Friday, November 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Shiv arrested for suspected corruption

The relationship between Shiv and Anandi is going through a change; with recent events on the promise to make it a big stronger. When Jagya was in town and upto no good, one of the ideas he had in his mind was to cause a lot of problems for Shiv in his job; Shiv was the local collector and was well respected for his abilities, his honesty, and his hard work. And since Shiv was the fiancee of Anandi, something had to be done. So, Jagya, using the trust that Shiv placed in him to some degree, and with access to the computer that Shiv was using in office, created a different document related to a railway tender. When this was exposed, Shiv was in trouble.
At this time, when Shiv was taken into custody, Shiv's sister made a prediction that as soon as the arrest happens, Anandi would leave the relationship and run away. However, Anandi did something else. She came out strongly in the defence of Shiv, trying to reach the Chief Minister (who however, did not try to do anything in a case involving corruption - he suspended Shiv from the post and let Anandi know that he would not be able to do anything else in this regard). Anandi and her family started the work of getting a lawyer involved and when the local legislator turned up to speak against Shiv, his family and Anandi turned up to discount whatever he said.
Jagya, sitting in a distant place, hears this news on the TV and then they show him in the next days episode at the police station - would he have come to declare that Shiv is innocent and that Jagya was the one responsible for the contract ?

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