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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Sentencing for Soham, Archana distraught

So, finally Soham is getting sentenced for the kidnapping that he did. The judge sentences him to a year in jail (which seems a bit less given the gravity of the crime, and given that Arjun was injured in the firing that happened when he tried to get Purvi away). By now, Manav has accepted that Soham does not have any feelings for Archana and Manav and only accepts Varsha and Balan as his parents (and in fact blames Archana for a poor upbringing that forced Varsha to take his away). Manav tries to convince Archana of the same, but she refuses to accept this and wants to keep on trying to ensure that Soham sees the light and accepts her. She also goes to meet him in jail where he is angry at seeing her and repeats his line about Varsha being his real mother, and where Archana challenges him that she will make sure that he changes his behavior and he scoffs at this.
On the other hand, there is a lot of other drama happening in Sulochana's house where Manjusha and Vinod have come in along with Punni, with the concept that they have convinced people that they are reformed; and when they get to know that Purvi has quit her job and there will be no more money flowing in from Purvi and it will be Vinod's salary that will be running the house, both Manju and Punni are very angry, but cannot really do anything. And then when Vinod offers his salary to Sulochana, Manjusha gets even more angry but has to be seen to be supporting him in this effort, they discuss in the kitchen. Sulochana hears this conversation of Manju and Punni and realizes their true intentions, is shocked and tells Archana about this as well. Both Archana and Sulochana agree that they should send Purvi to Manav's house, since Manav has already asked for them to her to come to his house.

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