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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Pradeep accused of murder, more tamasha over Karva Chauth

The serial is really becoming very confused. The projected date for the marriage between Mona-Vineet and Anushka-Pradeep was coming very close and then there were a few variable introduced. An old friend of Anushka turned up, who was then revealed to have been a husband of hers (with the divorce not having come through) and they were also revealed to have committed fraud and stolen money from their previous marriage. Now Anushka wants to marry Pradeep, but there is blackmail going on and Anu has to pay money to her former husband. In a confrontation, she kills the guy and Pradeep comes in soon after, and is then blamed for the murder. Anushka would rather that Pradeep be convicted rather than she be blamed for the murder.
When Mona gets to know, she abandons everything that she is doing and goes to try and help Pradeep in his problem. She cannot believe that Pradeep would have been guilty of killing somebody, and Vineet also decides to support her in this quest. And then the next level of confusion turns up, with Karva Chauth coming up, with one former husband a future husband. Mona gets 2 sargis from both sides, but has told people that since Vineet is going to be her husband, she would keep a fast for Vineet. However, Vineet's mother is not clear about what is happening, and is anyhow always not sure about her son marrying a divorcee with 3 children whose husband is very close by. Anushka also tries to add more confusion in all this mix.
Now, the serial is reaching a point where, Anushka, once pushed by Pradeep and Mona after 2 guys were caught following them on behalf of Anushka, blurts out that she would rather Pradeep be convicted, else she would be accused of the murder of her former husband.

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