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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnav is the father of Aarav

Just goes to show that you can easily add complication to a story and extend a story without any issues, you just add some extra element to a story line and make it much more complicated. So, when the Shyam story ended and it seemed that the story between Arnav and Khushi would become boring, out sprang an illegitimate son. This normally was present in serials from the past where the lead hero of the story would find sons suddenly coming up to confront him, and this would cause complications in his life.
In this case as well, Khushi comes across a small child called Aarav who reminds her of how a younger version of Arnav would be like, and then circumstances bring the child to their home itself, along with her mother, Sheetal, who is an old friend of Arnav. There is a lot of surprise in the home about the common habits of Arnav and Aarav, although nobody at home tries to make the connection that Arnav could be his son. The only comments that come in are about a child causing the change in behavior of Arnav, and maybe that the time is right for Khushi and Arnav to have their family. However, when Khushi tries to ask Arnav, he responds in anger and the story dies over there. Aarav also wants to know the name of his father but Sheetal does not tell him.
But, things do not end. Khushi is very suspicious, although Sheetal does not try to do anything to claim a position in Arnav's life; but the suspicions of Khushi are massively magnified when at Karva Chauth, she sees that Sheetal is fasting, and then breaks her fast by catching a glimpse of Arnav (trying to do this in a way that nobody will make out). And then Khushi sees the DNA report that verifies her suspicions, and when she confronts Sheetal, Sheetal tells her that what would be the point of telling Arnav. Sheetal cannot stay in the house, and she cannot stay without Aarav, but Khushi is determined to ensure that the son does not stay away from his dad, and she finally tells Arnav. 

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