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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - More problems for Ichcha, she testifies and her son sentenced to 5 years in jail

There are a few serials that specialize in showing the pain of the hero or heroine, with a number of episodes showing the pain and humiliation she suffers over a period of time, and then there will be 1-2 episodes that show the truth coming out and then the pain and humiliation continues again. This keeps on repeating again, so Ichcha lost her husband, went to jail, and suffered a lot of such more pain and humiliation. To the extent that her own daughter was separate from her for a long time, and had grown up to hate criminals, and then, even after getting exposed to Ichcha, she hated her. She was also separate from her son Yuvraj, who was brought up essentially by Gunwanti (Veer's mother); she spoilt Yuvraj and gave him everything he wanted. As a result, Yuvraj was spoilt and extremely arrogant, properties that are starting to cause him a lot of trouble as he grows up.
Since he does not have any control over himself and his family has got himself out of trouble whenever he ran into problems earlier; so Yuvraj felt that he can do anything that he wants. But he seemed to have gone totally out of control, such as when he confined Mukta in a room (after calling her for some help to a room) and then he tried to rape her. Ichcha had seen this and decided to give testimony against him, even though this was her own son; something that neither Yuvraj nor Gunwanti could understand. Finally, in the court a decision was made to convict Yuvraj and he was sentenced for 5 years in jail, a decision that pained Ichcha tremendously, even more so when Yuvraj confronted her and told him about the same.
It was only Unmed, her father in law who supported her decision. At the same time, there is a lot of confusion going on with the re-insertion of the relationship between Rathore and Tapasya, both of whom are back in the show now and trying to re-establish a relationship with their family.

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