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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Marriage between

As expected, the marriage between Pankhuri and Adi has happened. The marriage was supposed to be between Shivam and Pankhuri, but Latika spoiled (or rather, did good for Pankhuri) the marriage since she incited people that Pankhuri had spent the night in the same room as Aditya in Mumbai (which Shivam had already known, and was angry over); the net result was that the marriage was called off with the prospect of Pankhuri and her family getting a bad name due to all this.
However, Aditya was there and realized that this was all due to him and married Pankhuri, although one is not sure whether he is still shocked over what happened. He did not tell anybody about this, and with his phone not on, nobody was also able to get in touch with him. He reached Harish's place and gave them a shock, since they saw Pankhuri and Aditya married (they were all very happy) with some of the welcome festivities happening in Harish's house with his mom in charge.
However, Avantika was still not aware of what had happened in Kullu, and would have been shocked that her son had got married to Pankhuri. At the same time, her sister Preeti fell ill, and they were all taking care of her. Mami and Mama were very curious to know what happened in the marriage and Mami went to Latika's house to find out what happened, but her mother refused to tell her anything and told her to get out of the house, something which really caused Mami to get upset. Now, the big issue is about when Avantika will get to know that her son is now married to Pankhuri, and that her son told this to Harish and not to her.

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