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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Wedding of Siddhi with Abhay, under force

As usual, the serial goes through more twists and turns, and the twists and turns in turn make the story more painful and more complicated. The problems that these people go through is much more complicated than people all around you. The life of Siddhi and Kunal is shown to be much more complicated, with the period of time that there is pain and separation being much more than any time period of happiness. So, you had a time period when there was a long period of separation, a time when the Chopra family thought ill of Siddhi, and it was only at the end of 9 years that Siddhi and Kunal got together and reconciled their differences (siddhi told Kunal about what all she had done for the family and also about their second son that Kunal did not know about). They agreed to resume their marriage with Siddhi coming back to the house, although that was met by some opposition by Veena, but Kunal overcame all this opposition and got everybody to agree to Siddhi coming back. Her son was overjoyed at this and made plans to welcome back his mother from whom he had been separated for 9 years.
However, this was not to be. Sulekha was not happy about what this decision of Siddhi and was wondering about the impact of this on her son Abhay who had got used to having Siddhi in the house and her son at home, and so it turned out. When Kunal came to Abhay's house to take back his wife, he was shocked to see her getting married to Abhay and when he questioned her, he was told that the marriage was with the consent of Siddhi, and even shown papers to this effect. And then kicked out of the house. This sent him back to despair, made Richa extremely happy since she felt that this shock might cause her to come back to Kunal's life, and caused more distress to Kunal's family. Seema spoke out against Siddhi very strongly when she came to know about this.

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