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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Anamika - A new serial trying to mix paranormal and romance

If you have been watching Sony for some time, then you would have seen the ads for the serial called Anamika, a serial that talks about the presence of a chudail in the love life and how this scares the girl involved to a large degree. The serial has only recently started and has just had a couple of episodes, enough to establish that there is something scary, and yet combined this with the bubble life and romance of a young couple whose families are very close to each other. So it is with the family of Rano and Jeet. Rano's family is heading towards Vaishno Devi and they are at the train station, yet Rano has not yet gone since she wants to stay on in the town. Jeet has been assigned the task to bring her back from the railway station, and yet he runs into trouble while on the way. He is in a forest and his car has broken down, and then he hears the voice of a woman. He tries to find her, but is unable to do so. And then somebody helps him to get the car repaired and he is finally able to go to the railway station (by which time it is late in the day and is dark). Rano is getting scared at the isolated train station, and in the meantime Jeet's family has sent the driver also to get her, after being angry at Jeet for not reaching there in time and for not letting them know that he will not be there. He also loses his bracelet in the forest, and is yet surprised to see the bracelet in his car the next morning, with the serial showing a moving fog, and also the gate of the house having opened (even though nobody in the house had opened the gate of the house).
The show also introduces the family of Jeet, where his bebo is a very modern grandmother, his dad believes in strictness and that his son is not showing enough responsibility. His elder brother and bhabhi are normal people - overall a normal family. The families are very close, and there is some talk about trying to find a good match for Rano, although by this time Rano has accepted that marrying Jeet is one option that she would not mind.

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