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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Trying to get Sandhya admitted to night college

Suraj is very serious about getting Sandhya to live up to her ambition, with her ambition being that of becoming an IPS officer. For that purpose, she would need to go to college, complete it, and all that is very difficult given her current position. Except for her husband Suraj, no one else in the house supports her ambition, and she herself is not trying to think that she can every do so. Bhabho is doing everything possible to prevent Sandhya from taking steps in that direction, and also trying to dissuade Suraj from doing so (she has realized that even though Suraj listens to her, on this subject, he is not really listening to her and will continue on his quest to get Sandhya her education and then her ambition).
In between, there was a problem that happened whereby Bhabho had sent Suraj off with Chavi to her future in-laws place, and in his haste to come back to fill Sandhya's form, Chavi was out of his control for 3 hours; during that time an expensive piece of jewellery for misplaced and Chavi spun it around, blaming Suraj for not being present. It was Sandhya who found a photo that showed Chavi with the jewellery, and went and blasted Chavi for the same; Chavi had to then come and apologize to Suraj for what happened.
In the meantime, Suraj was able to figure out where the jewellery was lost and managed to get it back and then gave it to Bhabho; and this time Chavi was more in favor of Suraj which surprised Bhabho to some extent since Chavi was blaming Suraj only a day back. In the meantime, Mina was upto some problems on her side, since she wanted to have a son, and decided  to visit a local quack who gave some fake medicines and also told her not to have the medicines that she was currently consuming; future episodes would surely show some problems emerging from this decision of Meena.

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