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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 6 - More contestants out of the house

Bigg Boss (or Big Boss as most of us would pronounce it) has seen some pretty nasty previous seasons, with a lot of intrigue, incredible number of fights happening (some of which do not make much sense to those watching, which leads to the feeling that some of them were inspired by the channel in order to add more controversy to the programme). This time, Salman Khan, who repeated himself as the host from the previous season, had started giving statements before the show started that the previous shows had gone in for too much of such fighting, which made it difficult for families to watch the show and the idea going forward was to ensure that the behavior inside the house would be family friendly. Of course, for a number of people, it seems difficult to believe that a show where people make more money and become famous if they remain controversial (or atleast most of them), so there was some interest in watching the show. And even in the previous year, there was some controversy with many of the show's participants claiming that Salman Khan had actually been very harsh with many of the participants of the show.
In the first week itself, there were some harsh words between the common man inside the show, Kashif, who seemed to be ready for fights with many of the other house mates and was scolded a number of times by Salman Khan for his behavior. And Kashif was one of the first to be removed from the show. First of course, Dinesh Lal Yadav was evicted from the show after popular vote went against him. The next few exits from the program were Sayantani Ghosh and Aseem Trivedi (who was the cartoonist threatened with sedition by the Maharashtra police for his cartoons) and Karishma Kotak (who was informed that her father had died and who hence left the show voluntarily).

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