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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Struggle for Suraj to get Sandhya admitted to college

The struggle is not something that the serial has given up on. Right from the launch of the serial, the story has been based on the struggle in the life of an educated girl, Sandhya, who gets married to a guy who is great at heart but is not as well educated as her, and who comes from a conservative family. So the struggle remains on, with Sandhya winning her hard mother-in-law's heart who sees the good nature in Sandhya, but who also needs to be forever aware that the ambition that Sandhya has to become an IPS office does not cause her to break her family. Bhabho is fully confident that if Sandhya becomes an IPS officer, it will cause huge changes to the family life of her son, Suraj, and hence is opposing any further education for Sandhya.
She tries out different tactics to achieve this result, including sending her son to take care of his sister when she is on a visit to her future in-laws place, on the day which is the last day of submission of form for college, with the hope that this will cause no admission in college. However, her son is determined that he will fulfil the ambition that Sandhya's family had for her, and will get her educated and a police officer. So he even decides to come back for some time from his sister's inlaws place so as to get the form filled and submitted.
During this time, some jewellery goes missing and everybody scolds him for this, with even his sister Chavi, stepping in and demanding that Suraj account for the 3 hours that he went missing. He freely admits that he came back to get the form filled and even when Bhabho is scolding him badly, he says that he will get her ambitions fulfilled and make her an IPS officer, even replying back to Bhabho and walking away from there. So, there is some tension in the air, and Bhabho must also be very worried, with her eldest and best son not agreeing to her wishes on this particular subject (and she has counselled Sandhya many times on the difference between a family life and being ambitious). Soon after Sandhya catches Chavi red handed in terms of the circumstances where the jewellery was lost and gets her to admit to Suraj about what happened.

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