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Friday, November 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Khushi taking part in the Mrs. India contest

The story is taking a new twist. In an exodus of sorts, there is a lot of talk that Barun (the actor playing the role of Arnav) is moving out of the serial, and also that the actors playing the role of Akash and Payal have also left the show (they are shown as missing from the serial for now). For some time, seems like the show is taking a small story and spending some time on it while trying to figure out what to do with the show. So, for now, the show is taking the story of an ambition of Khushi to take part in the Mrs. India show, a show which takes married ladies and evaluates them for their abilities.
So, Khushi has taken part in the show and has managed to clear the first phase. She has not yet told Arnav about this, although the rest of the family know about this and are encouraging her. From time to time, something happens where Arnav gets to know something or the other which could reveal the secret, and then he finally gets to know.
Khushi finds herself in a whole group of competitive ladies who are all much smarter, wear more new fashioned clothes who look down upon Khushi. The trainer over there also realizes that a lot more work needs to happen with Khushi to get her to competition levels. She also finds things odd, including the fact that   she has to change her diet and eat a lot more nutritious food and avoid sweet foods (including her favorite jalebis) as well as the fried food she likes. And then Arnav turns up at the preparation place and does not acknowledge her, and in fact makes a snide comment at her which causes her to get angry with him and promise to take this out when she meets him at home.
And then now a new guy has entered the preparation place, a guy who is a flirt. He tries to flirt with a competitor and then catches her hand, causing Khushi to tell him to lay off; and he was a guy who was supposed to be important for the competition.

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