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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Karva Chauth brings Ram and Priya closer

The occasion of Karva Chauth is a festival that is bringing Ram and Piya closer together, along with of course the presence of Pihu, who in her innocence, is bringing Ram and Priya closer. Initially, Ram was very angry at Priya and would refuse to talk to her other than in an angry mode. However, on one occasion, Pihu was very upset at seeing this angry Ram and told him that he had changed from when he was there in Dubai, and as a result, both Ram and Priya had to control their arguments and temper when Pihu was present, and then the entire event of trying to get Pihu admitted to school also ensured that they spent time together, something that was very important since they still loved each other.
And then Karva Chauth. Even though Mamaji kept on counseling Ayesha to do things to get the family closer and to also keep a closeness to Ram and Pihu, her immaturity caused her to do things that went wrong; one spectacular occasion was when she grew tired of serving Pihu and scolded her in the presence of Ram; and my god, was Ram angry. He forced Ayesha to seek an apology from Pihu and scolded her in front of everybody. And then on Karva Chauth, Ayesha did not try to take a fast, and in the presence of Ram, was eating food. Ram of course told her that he did not expect anything from her anyhow since theirs was just a marriage of convenience; and was then told by Pihu that Priya was fasting for him and would he come to break the fast.
He came to break the fast, and this was also an occasion for them to have a few words with each other, which even though it was angry, was also the chance for them to break some of their anger against each other and try to understand each other. This seems to be happening more and more.

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