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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Mahadev and Narayan fight in patal-lok after Narayan forgets everything

Mythological serials tend to be researched and show a number of episodes which most people do not know. For example, even shows such as the Mahabharta and the Ramayana would show such episodes that people would not know about, or sometimes show an episode that people would find controversial (I remember in the Sagar Art's Ramayana, there was a specific episode dealing with snakes covering both Ram and Lakshman, which was so controversial that Ramanand Sagar appeared on the show and tried to explain to the viewers about how this particular sequence appeared in one of the scriptures and the script was taken from there).
In the last few episodes, the serial was showing a fight between Narayan and Mahadev, something that most people would find very strange and controversial - after all, along with Brahma, Narayan and Mahadev are the supreme beings in the universe and work with each other to ensure that the universe continues to prosper rather than fighting with each other.
This specific case came about because of Narayan wanting to make sure he fulfils the wishes of his devotees. In this case, the problem emerged when the father of Lakshmiji, Samudra, told Lakshmiji that he feared there was going to be some trouble, since his other daughters were praying to Narayan and Narayan is also very devoted to his devotees, caring for them and for their wishes. Lakshmiji comes back and is very disturbed, questioning Narayan about who is in his mind, who does he think about. Nararayan tells her honestly that he thinks about his devotees and also about Lakshmiji, something that makes her even more angry (after all, she said that you should be thinking only about me and not about anybody else).
However, when Narayanan learns that these sisters are on the verge of committing suicide, he appears there, and when they ask that he forgets his past and his powers and only stay with them, he agrees. There is now separation between Lakshmiji and Narayanan, something that hurts the entire universe and Mahadev is very disturbed. Finally when Lakshmiji comes there for help, he first tells her off about doubting Narayanan although she knows about his attachment to his followers and then goes off to Patal-lok to meet Narayanan.
There, they have a long battle with Mahadev defeating Narayanan everytime, but he is still not getting back his memory. Years have gone by, but this battle is still ongoing. Then Ganesh appears to meet Vishnu, and then tries to ensure that he gets his memory back. He also convinces the sisters to release Vishnu from the promise, and then Narayanan gets back his memory and the battle comes to an end.

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