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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Asad still adamant on testifying against his father

The serial is keeping the story a bit twisting, although the big mystery seems to be getting closer to a resolution. For many days now, the serial has been twisting the story of why Rashid is under the domination of Razia, and why she keeps on scaring him with the story of revealing what happened 17 years back. And he knows that he will get in trouble when the story gets revealed, and hence he keeps on doing whatever Razia has been asking him to do. However, in the past few weeks, Rashid has been struggling with this domination, letting Razia know that he will no longer be dominated by her, supported by his mother and his son Ayyan who now believe that Razia only wishes them ill-will. They have been trying to get Rashid to accept that they should move out of the house, but Rashid was resisting this for a long time.
However, Razia played a master stroke by getting both son and father to be against each other, by getting both Rashid and Asad to be in the same place at the same other, and in such a way that Rashid was seen as removing the body of a lady from there by Asad. Asad also linked this to the attempt on the life of his mother, and hence sent off information to the police about this so that the inspector came and arrested Rashid when he was in the middle of an argument with police. Ayyan believes that this can be prevented by his brother Asad, but is extremely shocked when he learns that Asad was the one who filed the police complaint, and is the one behind the arrest; when he confronts Asad, Asad refused to back down even when Ayyan tries to play the brother game.
On the other hand, everybody in Asad's house opposes his decision to give testimony against his father, and Zoya also reminds him that she was also there and she will give a different testimony for the same. Asad is angry at this and says that he will support the truth no matter what happens. Zoya and Ayyan try methods to prevent him from getting to court, but Asad sees through all such efforts, including a comical scene when Ayyan appears in the form of a ghost holding a candle to stop them from proceeding, and Asad gives a very hard slap to the ghost which causes the ghost to run away.
But Asad and Zoya are getting closer, and Zoya is surprised by some recent utterances by Asad where it seems that Asad is in love with her; something that he admitted to her when they were closer together. Unfortunately for Zoya, when she gets in an accident, Asad comes there to the scene of the accident, and then hugs another lady in a form that appears romantic.

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